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Testosterone and Nandrolone, these are the two most common steroids in-which the Phenylpropionate ester can be found attached. While both Testosterone and Nandrolone carry with them unique traits associated with each the Phenylpropionate ester itself will act in the same manner regardless of the steroid in-which it is attached.

While Phenylpropionate is one of the four types of testosterone in the mixture that comprises Sustanon-250 this ester is rarely found as a single testosterone compound. As a single ester steroid, most commonly Phenylpropionate will be found as a part of a Nandrolone steroid when used as a single ester. The most common form is that of Nandrolone- Phenylpropionate sold under the name Durabolin and commonly referred to as simply NPP.

Phenylpropionate belongs to a class of esters we can aptly label short esters or small esters that take up very little mass in a compound and carry with it relatively short half-lives. Phenylpropionate carries with it a half-life of only a few days, slightly longer than Propionate that carries a half-life of 4 days and much shorter than Enanthate or Cypionate that carry half-lives of approximately 11 days. For this reason, when used in a Nandrolone compound such as Durabolin one will need to inject far more frequently than other common Nandrolone steroids such as Deca-Durabolin in order to maintain similar benefits.

If we understand the half-life of an ester we largely understand the effects as it is the half-life that determines the steroids active duration and not the overall effects or detection time as it pertains to tested athletes. For example, although Durabolin has a much shorter half-life than Deca-Durabolin the same Nandrolone steroid is the base of both and can be detected for up to 18 months when either the Decanoate or Phenylpropionate is applied.

Now that you have an understanding of what Phenylpropionate is, hopefully you understand it is not a steroid. Esters are not steroids, they are simply esters; in-fact, there are some steroids that do not have any ester attached. The ester is not what makes the steroid; it is not the hormone any more than a radio is part of your car. Your radio is in your car but it is not a car. The same thinking can be applied to steroids and esters and Phenylpropionate as all esters is merely a part or addition to a steroidal compound.

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