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Phenylpropionate is a short term ester mostly attached to the steroid Nandrolone and testosterone in testosterone mixtures. This short term ester has a half-life of only 2 days. Bodybuilders and athletes buy Phenylpropionate if they are looking for miraculous gains and rapid muscle mass. Phenylpropionate shows both anabolic as well as androgenic qualities but the anabolic qualities are more dominant.

Advantages of Phenylpropionate:

Athletes and bodybuilders buy Phenylpropionate because being a short ester it enters the bloodstream quickly and leaves the body quickly too. This fast acting nature gives the user the energy and the surge required for intense workouts. It also increases the red blood cell count in the body thereby increasing the blood volume. Hence it can be used to treat anemia. With Phenylpropionate, the user experiences less fatigue after tiring training sessions because it speeds up the recovery time. It also helps the users recover swiftly after injuries. When used with Nandrolone or testosterone, it promotes protein synthesis and helps muscle growth and buildup of lean muscle mass. Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate also has the ability to counteract the muscle wasting diseases. Athletes and bodybuilders buy Phenylpropionate because being a short term ester it does not cause as much water retention. Water retention is a major drawback of many steroids as the fluid collects under the skin and makes the muscles look puffy depriving them of their ripped well defined look. Virilization or the development of masculine traits is also a problem with Phenylpropionate based Nandrolone or testosterone due to androgenic activity; especially testosterone and neither compounds are recommended to women on this basis.

Buy Phenylpropionate Online:

The combination of Testosterone-Phenylpropionate is commonly available and comes in 5, 10 and 50 ml vials. You can buy Phenylpropionate on the black market but it is pretty expensive and a 50ml vial costs US$ 200 to US$ 250. Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate is available in 5 ml, 25 ml and 50 ml vials. You can buy Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate on the black market and it costs up to US$ 35 for three 25 ml vials. Although you can easily buy Phenylpropionate on the black market, there are many risks associated with purchasing it illegally. Firstly being an expensive drug, there are chances that you may end up buying fake products; not to mention the severe legal consequences if you live in the U.S. or another country carrying similar steroid laws.

You can buy Phenylpropionate from online pharmacies. Online pharmacies hold a valid license and offer you steroids like Phenylpropionate at reasonable rates. Also the steroids bought from online pharmacies are original and come with manufacturing date and company seal. Customer satisfaction and privacy is the first priority of online pharmacies making them a better and a safer mode to buy Phenylpropionate.

Substance: Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate (NP) & Testosterone-Phenylpropionate (TP)

Trade Names:

(NP)Activin (o.c.)

(TP) Testolent



Aristegvi ES

Sicomed Pharmaceutical, RO

(NP)Anabolin (o.c.)

50 mg/ml-,

Alto U.S.

(NP)Anabolin-IM (o.c.)

50 mg/ml;

Alto U.S.

(NP)Anabolin-lA-100 (o.c.)

100 mg/ml;

Alto U.S.

(NP)Androlone (o.c.)

50 mg/ml-,

Keene U.S.


25 mg/ml;

Organon B, ES, FR,'GB, NL, FI, Canada, U. S


CH, Pliva YU Medika/Santa TKi, Donmed South Africa


50 Mg/Ml;

Organon GB, PT U.S., Canada, Pliva YU


100 mg/2 ml;

Organon U.S.

(NP)Equibolin-50 (o.c.)

100 mg/2 ml;

Vortech U.S.


20 mg/ml;

Medexport Russia

(NP)Fherbolico (o.c.)

50 mg/ml;

Fher ES

(NP)Hybolin Improved

25, 50 mg/ml;

Hyrex U.S.

(NP)Nandrobolic (o.c.)

25 mg/ml;

Forest U.S.

(NP)Nandrol.Phenprop. (o.c.)

50 mg/ml;

Quad U.S.

(NP)Nerobolil (o.c.)

25 mg/ml;

Gedeon Richter HU


25 mg/ml;

Gedeon Richter BG

(NP)Nu-Bolic (o.c.)

25 mg/ml;

Seatrace U.S.


25 mg/ml;

Leciva CZ

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